The HD80 is designed and built locally to stand up to local conditions and suits various applications. The design promotes a low maintenance side tipper that is extra heavy duty promoting product longevity. Boasting an exceptional pay load – up to 222T as a triple – the unique lift ram positioning provides for ultimate tipping outcomes.

HD80 Photo Near Description
  1. Extra heavy duty for product longevity
  2. Low maintenance design
  3. Unique lift ram positioning for ultimate tipping outcomes
  4. Low centre of gravity
  5. Bolt on mudguard system
  6. Simple hydraulic system
Length Bowl Capacity Tare

*Tare weights are for base model specs (steel rims & spring suspension). These are indicative and can be reduced by careful selection of componentry.

Choice Of Airbag or Spring Suspension
Choice of Drum or Disc Brake Axles
Steel or Alloy Rims
Manual side to side roll tarp
Manual front to rear retractable tarps
Hydraulic Lid System
Water Tanks
On board weighing system
Braking control system (LSV, ABS, EBS)
Bowl available in 5mm, 6mm, 8mm

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