The Tornado is a masterpiece of innovation, designed primarily as a solution for on-farm bulk logistics, for farmers who work in the vast agricultural regions of Australia.  With the agricultural industry advancing in technology and reaching unprecedented levels of efficiency, we have now seen the introduction of seeders of enormous proportions. The introduction of the Tornado provided the solution to the massive back- up logistics problems that the sheer size of this equipment creates. The Tornado will certainly find its place in any program, overcoming challenges that come with keeping the operation efficient at the most critical period of the year- Seeding. The Tornado is not only the most efficient seed and fertilizer solution on farm, but it also the solution for working between farms and on large properties, it will travel safely and legally 24 hours a day- whenever you require it to of up to 100km/ hr, The Tornado allows you to work from one centralized, efficient storage complex with ease. The Tornado is one innovative cost efficient quality trailer which allows you to load aircarts, liquid carts, on farm storage and haul grain and fertiliser all year with no changes and no fuss!

The Tornado Comes with a host of standard features all combing to give the tornado the unparalleled reputation and respect it has earned with operators in the past years of field usage. Browse through the following features below;



Unrivalled poly auger system. No product build up or corrosion. Discharge rates of up to 2T/min per auger.


Remote Control for augers.


Large water tank for hand wash and cleaning tractor windows.


Oscillating skid plate to protect trailer from torsional stress and eliminate cracking.


Hydraulically driven from truck hydraulic system. Simple, powerful and controllable.


Large toolbox in front panel allows for spare parts for seeding equipment to be carried. Sealed and illuminated.


Steepest floor angles in the industry. 40⁰ for complete clean out every time.


No internal augers – making it the easiest bin to clean out.


Internal hopper lighting kit as standard.


Top quality tarp with reinforcing at all wear/pressure points. Excellent weather sealing and fully adjustable with splined couplings and safety ropes to prevent tarp blowing off in the wind.


Ridge pole system from RHS on the diamond to shed product and minimise contamination issues.


Unrivalled corrosion control system. Fully sandblasted inside and out. Primes and top coated with 2 pak. High build epoxy finish to internal surfaces.


Access ladders front and rear and throughout all hoppers.


Electrical wiring in conduited harness style for maximum lifespan and reliability.


Lead trailer specs.


Unique ‘clean out’ hopper to assist with variety changes. Keeps the truck one step ahead of the seeder at all times.


Choice of tubber or radius guards.


Excellent ground clearance – will handle any drive over grid.


Hydraulically controlled grid discharge doors for fast and clean unloading onto a grid. Doors slide in nylon guide blocks for whisper quiet operation.


Unique Labrynth style bottom bearing protection system.


Auger clean out doors.


Hydraulic operated auger doors to regulate product flow into the augers.

The TORNADO comes with a host of standard features all combining to give the TORNADO the unparalleled reputation and respect it has earned with operators in the past years of field usage.

Standard features such as powerful hydraulic system powered from your truck P.T.O. eliminates the need of troublesome belt and chain drives and auxiliary engines. All underside discharge doors operate on replaceable nylon slides and come standard with hydraulic control.

Browse through the following features:

  • Large toolbox
  • Grid discharge
  • Hand wash water tank 180L
  • Hydraulic control
  • 9″Polly auger discharge system
  • Tri-axle K-Hitch spring suspension
  • K-Hitch parallel bearing, drum brake axles – option of 10-stud or spider type hubs
  • Multivolt LED lighting throughout
  • 12 volt battery to backup auxiliary lighting and remote control systems
  • Manual operated roll tarp
  • 1x spare tyre rack
  • Full width front protection rubber flap


Total 53.4m3 Wheat Barley Fertiliser Urea
Hopper 1 14.8m3 11.84T 10.36T 14.8T 10.36T
Hopper 2 19.5m3 15.6T 13.65T 15.6T 13.65T
Hopper 3 14.4m3 11.52T 10.08T 14.4T 14.4T
Rear 4.7m3 3.76T 3.29T 4.7T 3.29T
                 TARE WEIGHT 9.4T


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